7 Tinnitus Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measure how hard your heart has to work to circulate blood. The higher the blood pressure, the harder your heart is having to work. Atherosclerosis is one cause of high blood pressure, but there are other, equally serious causes. High blood pressure must treated before it kills you.

A turbulent blood flow can also cause tinnitus. If one of the arteries leading to or veins exiting the brain are kinked or narrowed, blood flow will be disrupted.  This could lead to an aneurism.


If you have a tumor pressing on a blood vessel in your head or neck, you may have tinnitus. This is called a vascular neoplasm.  These tumors can range from benign to rarely malignant. Vascular neoplasms are rare and may take a specialist to diagnose.

Acoustic neuromas are slow-growing, benign tumors that develop on the cranial nerve. The tinnitus will probably be on one side only and your balance and hearing may be affected.

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